Drop-in Space is LIMITED!
The normal day for drop-ins are Fridays when we are scheduled to play in the Red gym. However, if space is available, a few drop-in's may be allowed on Sundays and when we play in the gold gym on the occasional Friday.
All drop-in's requests must be submitted by email to ucbadminton@gmail.com. Players without a reservation may be turned away at the door (even if you have already paid!). We strongly suggest that you check this BLOG to verify that you have been granted a drop-in spot. Requests may be submitted up to one week in advance. The request MUST be received by NOON on Friday for Friday's session, or 6:00 pm SATURDAY for the following Sunday's session (space permitting). Requests sent after these times will automatically be denied.

Please be sure to check the schedule before requesting to drop-in.

The current drop-in fee is $10.00. This must be paid at the Kinesiology Front Desk before playing. Please be sure to get stamped as a proof of payment.

  1. Drop-In requests must specify the full name (first and last name) of the individual(s) requesting to drop-in.
  2. WE DO NOT RESERVE COURTS! Drop-in's are by individual only. The standard protocol is to arrange a game on an available court. You may play 2 games, and then you should get off the court to allow other people waiting to play. Keep your warm ups to a reasonable amount of time as well.
  3. Effective January 2010, drop-in on Tuesdays are no longer permitted

Membership Registration and Fees

You can join as a member at the UC Campus Recreation website. (you will have to follow the following navigation links located on the left hand side of the page:

Sports Clubs -> Racquet Sports -> Badminton -> Badminton).

Please note: All badminton players MUST sign the Sports Waiver available at the Kinesiology Front Desk located outside of the Gold / Red Gyms before they can play.

There is NO Spring / Summer session for the U of C badminton club for 2012

- Effective January 2010, the current drop-in fee is $10.00. Please be sure to read the drop-in instructions in this BLOG


Homemade Shuttlecock

Shuttlecock and Racquets

Players are to supply their own shuttlecock and racquet. Shuttlecocks may be available for purchase at the front desk.

Nylon or Feather?
Both types of shuttle are being used in the club.

In general, feather birds are more fragile but have a more consistent feel and flight path when fresh. Nylon birds are more durable but score lower on the play quality scales. A normal doubles game uses about 2 feather birds per game, while nylon birds usually can last a few matches without problems.
Good quality feather birds ranges from about $20 tubes to $50 per dozen. Recent surge in badminton's popularity and rising labor cost have driven up the cost of birds even higher. Nylon birds are much more affordable in comparison.

Does your racquet string look like this?

Does your racquet string look like this?
Count the knots! See any other problems?

Racquet Stringing

Broken String? String bed look like the picture above? A few of our members offer a racquet stringing service (for a reasonable fee). Please inquire if you are interested.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Club member parking

Just letting everyone know that Campus Recreation now has evening/weekend parking passes for Lot 10. The cost is $60 per semester, available through the client services desk.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Welcome to the UC Badminton Club Blog

Welcome to the University of Calgary Badminton Club Blog! You can find all the latest news and updates about our club here. Any changes to regular schedule will also be posted here as soon as possible, so stay tuned!